Children best grasp the reality of God’s love when they experience it at home.

Help kids see that God works through pain and suffering in their and other people’s lives.

Has your teen decided to “give up the faith”? Get insight into how parents can engage with their prodigals.

Can you imagine the freedom that would come to our hearts from having full confidence in the love of Christ? Would it help us love better?

Once children understand the need for self-control, it’s easier to train them in this fruit of the spirit.

Consider these four freedoms that parents should extend to their children.

Did you know the majority of students in New Zealand spend at least six hours per day in school? That’s a lot of time, and it presents a unique challenge to Christian students who spend that time in an environment that’s completely different than—or even contradicts—what they learn at home and at church.

Bill explained that discipline comes from the root word disciple and means “to teach or to coach.” It means teaching appropriate and biblical thinking and behavior.

When I was single, I was deeply aware of my need for God. He was the only other Person in my apartment to talk to on quiet evenings. He was the one who gave me peace when I was scared and loved me no matter what. And while those things were still true after I got married, suddenly it was a lot harder to make time for God.

Dispel three myths about faith that your children might believe and help them understand what faith is and the nature of this gift that comes from God.