This is the best news you’ll ever hear and it’s as true as anything you know to be true. The Scriptures are very clear on this.

When we listen, we desire to hear the other person’s opinion, to sense the person’s heart, and to understand him or her. God listens to us, and we can develop our ability to hear those around us.

The work of Christ in our lives is just plain bigger than our circumstances

Children’s hearts are easily touched by the Easter story. Being intentional about refocusing on Christ’s resurrection power can show your children that they can invite the Lord’s peace into their circumstances.

Most Christian parents desire a vibrant faith for their kids. What can parents do to help children make faith their own?

While there’s no one-size-fits-all formula that will instantly revolutionize a mismatched marriage, a few principles can contribute to the health of a relationship.

Bring the Easter story to life for your kids through one amazing download and four easy-to-use, age-appropriate activities:

If we want our marriage partnership to be beautiful, meaningful and lasting, then we ought to be living out God’s grace by extending it. And that means building each other up one word at a time.

Throughout scripture, Jesus treats children with radical care and love to indicate how deeply He values them. It’s no wonder that He continually compared our faith to children. Just as children depend on their parents for daily needs, so too do we rely on God the Father for our spiritual and physical needs.

Praying with your spouse intensifies and strengthens your spiritual bond. When you pray together, your vulnerability with your heavenly Father deepens and enriches your marriage relationship.