When I was single, I was deeply aware of my need for God. He was the only other Person in my apartment to talk to on quiet evenings. He was the one who gave me peace when I was scared and loved me no matter what. And while those things were still true after I got married, suddenly it was a lot harder to make time for God.

Dispel three myths about faith that your children might believe and help them understand what faith is and the nature of this gift that comes from God.

Help kids understand what faith — a God-given gift — really is!

While current culture is divided on the abortion issue, we search the scriptures and ask ourselves, “What does the Bible say about abortion?”

While making faith and art her own, Brittany Weistling realizes she is God’s masterpiece.

Dr. Tyler Sexton can’t do everything, but his positive attitude and his unwavering belief that God loves him have helped him overcome many of the limitations of his cerebral palsy.

We can help our kids grow to stand strong and trust God in the face of the world’s intolerance of their worldview.

May we not lose perspective in these days of uncertainty and forget the goal. The light of the radio tower, is shining brightly.

Esther Ahmad wanted her Muslim father’s approval so she volunteered for Jihad, but she never made it to the training camp.

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