Many godly, Christ-centered homes struggle with clinical depression. Here’s one family’s story.

Witchcraft is a difficult subject to broach in Christian circles. Many people are so uncomfortable with it, they don’t even want to discuss it, and don’t believe it is real.

Just like maintaining a long-distance friendship requires effort, building a close friendship with God takes intentional time and attention.

Praying as a family can be much more than a bedtime ritual.

Despite my relatively thick skin, there is one popular phrase from the mouths of abortion promoters that always gets under my skin: a pregnancy is merely a “clump of cells.” The phrase bothers me for a few reasons.

There is a crucial shift in youth culture, and Christian teens need to understand transgenderism as well as how to respond in love and truth.

Looking at inclusion from God’s perspective

Ask the Lord to give you empathy for your mother, to help you understand, and to show you how you can love and support her in her struggles.

Childhood cancer brought the presence of God in ways they never knew existed.

Are you looking for ideas to help keep your children focused on the reason for the Christmas season?