Does your teen function out of faith or out of fear? Find ways to encourage your anxious teen.

Help children understand that their sexual identity is an indelible part of who God created them to be.

Getting Started

Here are faith activities to teach kids about freedom through our relationship with Jesus.

Christianity is blessed with extremely strong and clear teaching on abortion found in ancient texts from the earliest church fathers.

From a simple visit to regular volunteering your time, there are plenty of ways pro-life physicians can support local pregnancy centers in their life-saving mission.

Learn how to deal with the grief that comes from the death of a loved one or from divorce. It includes the stages of grief and provides teens with ideas on how to walk through the process of grief after a loss.

What is God’s plan for marriage? Marriage is the full expression and design of God’s image in human beings.

Francis Chan discusses how having a marriage focused on a mission will require commitment and sacrifice, asking couples if their view of the future is big enough.

Finding a way to fit science and religion together can feel overwhelming. For our teens, logic and reasoning present some of the greatest threats to complete belief in Christianity. However, as parents, you can guide your teen to a deeper understanding of how God created science to support our faith and belief in Him.