Valiant Man

A programme designed to restore and fortify the sexual integrity and spiritual vitality of men.

As men we live in a highly sexualised porn-saturated culture, where the pressure to fall victim to a distorted vision of male sexuality is extremely pervasive and intense. Falling prey to a distorted sexuality can have profound and lasting harms for our marriage, our family and our own personal well being.
Valiant Man is a programme created by Dr Allen Meyer that is specifically designed to respond to these pressures, in order to restore and strengthen the sexual integrity and spiritual vitality of men.
If you’re someone who is serious about addressing the sexual struggles in your life, or you’re a Christian leader who wants to equip the men in your church with effective tools and strategies to live out an authentic, Christ-centred and life-giving male sexuality, then Valiant Man is definitely the programme for you!
Valiant Man is a 10 session programme (usually run over ten weeks) for males over the age of 16.