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Faith Lessons 10 DVD – With All Your Heart

Faith Lessons 10 DVD – With All Your Heart

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Ray Vander Laan takes us on a journey through Sinai and Israel, a region that is still largely desert but at times filled with lush, bountiful places. We will discover how Jesus called people to live in the Promised land. What can we learn during times of abundance and in times of desert. God led his people back to the desert often to relearn the lessons they had forgotten. John the Baptist and Jesus had powerful encounters in the desert. We will learn that the desert is where we are closest to God. It is where our relationship with God is at peace.

Faith Lessons are designed to help the viewer walk through the land that Jesus and the disciples walked, learn and understand how the culture and politics of the first century influenced the imagery and stories of the Bible, and see the text through the eyes of God’s chosen people, the Jews. Each segment shows the Bible’s significance to believers through life-changing ‘faith lessons.’


  1. Build Me a Sanctuary
  2. Making Space for God
  3. He Led Them Like a Shepherd
  4. By Every Word – Striking the Rock
  5. With All Your Might: The Final Test
  6. A Well-Watered Garden

Uncover the ‘hidden’ meaning of Scripture with an exciting faith discovery series that brings the Bible to life! Uniquely captivating, Faith Lessons reveals keen insights into the relevance of God’s Word, making it truly applicable to today’s Christian.

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