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Faith Lessons 9 DVD – Fire On The Mountain

Faith Lessons 9 DVD – Fire On The Mountain


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When the Israelites left Egypt, they were finally free. Free from persecution, free from oppression, and free to worship their own God. But with that freedom comes a new challenge – learning how to live together the way God intends. In this ninth volume of Faith Lessons, discover how God teaches the Israelites what it means to be part of a community that loves him and the lessons we can begin to live out in our lives today. A leader’s guide is included with the DVD. The participant’s Discovery Guide is sold separately.

Six Faith Lessons:

  1. The Lord Who Heals You – Red Sea & Sinai
  2. Not by Bread Alone – Sinai
  3. Their Blood Cried Out – Serabit al Khadim
  4. The Mountain of God – Jebel Katarina
  5. I Led You Like a Bride – Jebel Katarina
  6. The Whisper of God – Jebel Katarina

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