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From Good Man to Valiant Man (Book)

From Good Man to Valiant Man (Book)

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Who uses an old word like “Valiant?”
VALIANT, a. val’yant. [From Old French vailant, based on Latin valere ‘be strong’.] Strong, possessing or showing courage or determination, intrepid in danger, brave, heroic. It’s an old word for a new life. It’s an old word which needs to be rediscovered and reapplied by men with regards to sexual integrity in this generation.
This book is a call for valiant men… to rebuild the moral walls in their hearts, to renew the thought patterns in their minds, and to take responsibility for the emotional and spiritual health of their families: the kind of men that women and children can depend on.
A book about men every woman should read.

A book about sex you’ll wish you had read years ago.

A book about sex every young man passing through puberty must read.

A book about sex that will open the door to a brilliant future.

A book about sex that is a lot more than a book about sex.

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