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This is the best news you’ll ever hear and it’s as true as anything you know to be true. The Scriptures are very clear on this.

If you are reading this, you can be absolutely sure of something totally true about yourself – you are fearfully and wonderfully made! Of course, it means you can read, which is no small thing! But it means something much more. It means you exist, you are alive, you are here on this planet, in the lives of others for a great purpose. And the most important reason for this is that God created you with loving purpose. He gave you life today because He wants you around because He loves your dearly. Your existence is the only evidence you need for this fact.

We can help our kids understand this truth as well – and we must. They need this sense of meaning and significance in their lives.

This is the best news you’ll ever hear and it’s as true as anything you know to be true. The Scriptures are very clear on this.

I praise you, for [your name here] is fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it well. (Psalm 139:14 ESV)

What is [your name here] that you are mindful of me? You have made me a little lower than God. (Psalm 8:4-5 ESV)


Think about this! Speak it out to yourself.

My name is [your name here] and I have been wonderfully made. My very existence says I am a wonderful work of God. He is ever mindful of me. I’m on His mind from day to day and He delights in me.

There is even better news. Consider your name.

It is personal to you. It signifies who you are, your uniqueness. It means someone cared for you with excitement and anticipation, giving you this meaningful identity. Most likely they thought about it very carefully, for weeks if not months. And they gave you this special name before you ever made your appearance in the world.

But consider something else about names.

Sometimes, someone has such a special relationship with you, and you are so precious to them that they give you a special name, one that is used only between the two of you. It makes you feel good when they call you by it. It reminds you that you are uniquely important to them, that you matter to them simply because you’re you.

God does the same with us! God tells us:

To the one who conquers I will give some of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone, with a new name written on the stone that no one knows except the one who receives it. (Revelation 2:17 ESV)

Your Special Name

As His child, God will give you a special name, one that speaks very intimately to who you are and what you mean to Him. It will be shared only between you and our Heavenly Father. He is that intimate with you.

So, what does all this mean to you? It means two very big things.

  1. You exist because Someone wants you to exist today.
  2. That Someone made you especially unique and He loves you that way.

Have each of your children think about this truth with you. Consider these questions and each of you answer them for yourselves. (Doing these things together will help your teen and tween understand you better and stimulate them in their own thinking.)

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What Makes Me “Me”?

What are the unique qualities that make you who you are? Ask yourself:

“What are the unique things about me that make me “me”?

List four of the most important.





You Have Potential

God has also made us with great potential.

None of us have fully become what and who God made us to be. That is a part of being human. We are all on a journey to become that person. What are the qualities that you would like to grow in your life? These may be things like…

  • “I want to be more honest with others.”
  • “I want to be more giving and encouraging to others.”
  • “I want to learn to love Jesus more.”
  • “I want to be less stressed out about silly things.”
  • “I want to learn to paint, play an instrument, or learn a new language.”

Think about these and list them here:





Having Friends

Another thing about being you is your relationships with other people. We cannot really live without friends. Do you know anyone who truly does? We cannot really be who we are without friends. As the saying goes, “If you want friends, you must be a friend.”

It’s true. Who can’t use more friends? Isn’t it a wonderful thing when someone seeks you out and wants to become your friend? That  makes all of us feel special.

Think about those around you who could use a special friend. There are suffering people all around us.

  • 1 in 5 females and 1 in 7 males self-injure.
  • 19 percent of teens have thought seriously about taking their own lives.
  • More than 28 percent of teens have been sexually abused.
  • 17 percent of teens experience some sort of serious depression.
  • A disturbing number of teens feel no one cares for them.
  • 19 percent of students report being bullied on school property in the past 12 months.

Think about and list 4 people at school or church who you know could use a friend. Consider what you could do to help them feel better about themselves.

  1. My new friend _____________________________________
    How can I help them feel better about themselves? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. My new friend _____________________________________
    How can I help them feel better about themselves? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. My new friend _____________________________________
    How can I help them feel better about themselves? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. My new friend _____________________________________
    How can I help them feel better about themselves? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Each of these can help you and your child become better people, more confident, more loved, more loving, and more hopeful. All because you are fearfully and wonderfully made by caring and loving God.

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