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Celebrating Advent is a wonderful way to prepare for the coming of Jesus. It reminds us of His birth, His presence, and His second coming.

Welcome to Advent 2022! The Advent and the Christmas seasons are right around the corner and excitement for each of them is in the air. Celebrating Advent is a wonderful way to prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus Christ. Advent reminds Christians of Jesus’ birth, His presence with us, and His second coming.

Over the next several weeks, we here at Focus on the Family will be providing valuable resources to help you make the most of your family’s advent celebration. Here is a sneak peek of some of the resources you will enjoy this Advent season. These resources will help your family grow in faith, feel the anticipation of Christ’s return, and encourage you to share the love of Jesus.

What is Advent, and Why Do We Celebrate?

Advent takes place during the four weeks before Christmas each year and is a celebration of the coming of Jesus Christ. The word Advent itself means the arrival or coming of an important person.

Celebrated before Christmas, Advent is when we remember God’s promises to send a Messiah and how Jesus Christ fulfilled every prophecy written about Him. Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection made it possible for us to have a relationship with God and to one day spend eternity with Him.

However, Advent doesn’t only celebrate the birth of Jesus; it’s also a time to rejoice and hope in Jesus Christ’s second coming. In the same way that people waited with anticipation and prepared for the Messiah’s birth, Advent reminds us to anticipate and prepare for His return. By reading the Bible, praying, and fasting, we can prepare our hearts and deepen the relationship we have with Jesus.

Advent is a beautiful season of the year and an excellent time for families to discuss Christian beliefs and values, their faith, and Jesus’ return. Take a look at the upcoming resources from Focus on the Family that will help you and your family dig deeper into the love God showed when He sent His Son Jesus to be born.


Daily Devotionals

Explore and follow along with Focus on the Family’s 2022 Advent Devotionals to learn more about the Advent season and God’s character. Each week, you’ll discover a new Advent theme and name of God. Each day, your family can read through specific excerpts from the Bible and then engage in meaningful discussions with our questions and conversation starters.

Week 1: Hope

Learn more about the hope we have in the Lord’s plan for the world’s salvation.

Week 2: Faith

Learn about the necessity of faith for Christian families throughout the Christmas season.

Week 3: Joy

Learn more about how to teach your kids about the joy Jesus provides through His first


Week 4: Peace

Learn about God’s peace. While the Advent season concludes with celebrating Jesus’ birth on Christmas, it is only the beginning of God’s story of love and redemption.

Videos with Asherita Ciuciu

Each week, tune in as author and speaker Asherita Ciuciu discusses some special and unique insights on Advent, the names of God, and the significance of Jesus’ coming.


We will be sharing fun crafts that you can do at home with your family, such making your own Advent wreath and Advent calendar! Creating your own Advent decorations can bring something special and unique to the season and are a great way to get creative as a family.

The Bring Your Bible Advent Live It! Challenge

Students can challenge themselves to share the miracle of Advent and Jesus’ coming with their families and friends, neighbors, teachers, and classmates.

Advent For Kids

Help your kids discover the real meaning of the Christmas season and help them cultivate a heart that is focused on the Gift of Jesus.

Christmas Podcast Stories

Listen to heartwarming tales, fun banter, and holiday activity ideas in this engaging podcast by Focus on the Family.

Focus on the Family Broadcast

Listen to the podcast Remembering the Gospel This Christmas to help keep you and your family focused on the reason we celebrate.

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