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The Journey Back to My True Identity

Walt Heyer & Kathy Grace Duncan

Walt Heyer and Kathy Grace Duncan share their transgender journeys — Walt lived as a woman for 8 years, Kathy Grace lived as a man for 11 years.

Walt describes how his sexual identity confusion began very early due to a grandmother who made him a purple evening dress plus sexual abuse from a family member. Walt began identifying as a woman as a way to be safe and affirmed.

Kathy Grace observed how her father abused her mother, and decided she’d rather be a man; worthy and strong, rather than weak like her mother. She started living a double-identity life before Kindergarten.

Walt and KathyGrace describe how God began to intervene in their lives, and how pastors and churches offered them help to transition back to their biological sex. Both Walt and KathyGrace share powerful transformational stories about how God healed them. They also discuss how normalizing and affirming people who experience gender confusion ignores the underlying wounds and disorders they are experiencing.

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