Wives and mothers desire expressed and demonstrated respect rather than the mere avoidance of disrespect.

Each person comes to their wedding with a unique set of life experiences and levels of childhood trauma that impact the marriage relationship.

The most common complaint among married couples is a lack of communication. Too much conflict is among the top five reasons people divorce.

It’s hard work to rebuild trust and intimacy after the betrayal of infidelity, but when both partners are willing to do the work, it’s worth it.

Helping others together as a couple can make your marriage stronger.

When you discover the joy of helping your spouse succeed, you begin to establish or restore emotional health, respect, support and encouragement in your marriage.

Great communication is more than an illusion

Is it possible to practice a deep sense of awe and an attitude of gratitude in the ordinary moments of marriage?

When ADHD and marriage go together, you can face repeating conflict patterns. But you can lessen those patterns and strengthen your marriage.

Many godly, Christ-centered homes struggle with clinical depression. Here’s one family’s story.