Peer pressure is real. Help your kids spot peer pressure, gain tools to deal with it, and be strong enough to deal with someone’s reaction to hearing “no.”

Take the time to help your children process worry, grief and loss

Take a level-headed approach to leading your family.



These six steps can help you to build self-confidence and a positive self-image in your children.


Dr. Meg Meeker explains how parents can shape their daughter’s character and faith so that she can successfully navigate our culture’s most difficult challenges, which include the toxic elements associated with social media, feminism, sexual identity, and more. (Part 1 of 2)


Often teens struggle with putting words to their frustrations, fears, anxieties and sadness. Over time, those unprocessed feelings can lead to depression and even suicide. Is it time you had a conversation with your kids?



Creating boundaries in your home for cellphone use.



Consider all the facts before you allow your kids to have a cellphone.



Kids want cellphones to connect with peers, build friendships and find a sense of belonging. When is the best time for them to get their first mobile device?



Consider taking a pledge as a family to honor God with your entertainment choices.