Unfortunately, a guarantee doesn’t come with the safeguarding suggestions, but they can help prevent teen suicide.

When life doesn’t go as planned, you can help your child gracefully move past setbacks and embrace the path God provides.

The work of Christ in our lives is just plain bigger than our circumstances

My son had an ambitious plan. He would drop out of college and focus on his music. All his life, I had urged him to discover what he was created to do and pursue what God had laid on his heart. I just didn’t think it would be this — at least not if it meant skipping college. But music was his passion. College wasn’t. He had made up his mind.

Is it a good idea for children to get involved in sports, dance classes, music lessons, and other commitments outside of their school work and household chores? How much of this kind of thing is too much? Can you suggest any practical guidelines?

How should I respond to my adolescent daughter’s cutting habit? I only recently discovered that she’s been cutting herself. I’ve tried to let her know much this concerns me. I’ve even requested that she let me “monitor” the situation. But she is very sensitive and perceives this as criticism and lack of trust. I promised I wouldn’t pry anymore, but I did ask her to talk to me whenever she feels compelled to cut herself. Do you think we can work this out between ourselves? Or is that a naive assumption?

Out of control children want the boundaries and consistency parents can give. With these three steps you can help your wild child.

As you sort through your unmet expectations on Mother’s Day, realize that you may play a part in fueling your disappointments.

Within parenting, we must directly face the reality that our children are our responsibility, but at the same time, they are separate from us. As your children grow up, there will be more opportunities for better parenting and better obedience. Because of this, gentle parenting’s popularity is rising. How does this parenting style really play out in practical ways?

Autism in females can be diagnosed and supported in young girls and teens. Girls with autism need to be highlighted and understood.