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We can help single moms during this pandemic, offering hope and love in word and deed. Together, we can ensure no single mom walks alone.

An Unexpected Impact on Single Moms During the Pandemic

One week ago I was chatting with a friend in another state and we began to discuss the Coronavirus and the fallout we have witnessed from the pandemic that has impacted our individual worlds. She works at a Pregnancy Center that serves women facing unplanned pregnancies and gives them compassionate support along with free ultrasounds and resources to empower her to be brave and choose life. She mentioned something in the conversation that had never crossed my mind up to that point.

“My Pregnancy Center is seeing a slight increase in abortion-minded clients since the global pandemic began.”

With her Center being next door to a well known clinic that offers abortion, many women see the free sonogram signage outside of their building and turn into the Pregnancy Center parking lot instead of the abortion clinic parking lot. They come in to talk through options and many women are considering abortion because the Covid-19 pandemic. Some of these women had already chosen a few weeks ago to be brave and choose life for their child, but are coming back to the Center overwhelmed. The Coronavirus epidemic is affecting their jobs and constantly seeing the panic-driven posts on social media is making them second-guess their decision. Fear creeps back into their thoughts and some are making fear-based decisions to abort.

No Single Moms Should Navigate this Pandemic Alone

We can help women be brave and choose life during this time of uncertainty. We can offer hope and love, with both word and deed. Together, we can ensure no single moms walks alone. 

This is such a great opportunity to jump in and help, even if it’s from afar that will give a mom the extra courage she needs to keep going.

Most single moms are on a very small budget and many work several jobs to just survive.  They are focused on providing for their kids and paying their bills – it’s hard to look beyond that for many of them. Usually one small “bump” along the way causes them to be negative in their bank account for the month. Bumps like new tires, unexpected medical bills, school supplies or a birthday for one of their children can set them back without having several streams of income to make up for the loss.

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