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Explore our Advent Devotionals for your family! This week’s theme is Peace. Learn more about how you can develop your family’s peace this Christmas season.

Advent Family Devotional – Week 4 – Peace


Explore our Advent Devotionals for your family! Within each day of the Advent Devotions, your family can read through specific excerpts from the Bible. Then, your family can engage in meaningful discussion with our questions and conversation starters.


During the third week of Advent, focus on the theme of Peace. Keep reading to learn more about how you can help your family celebrate the Christmas season and create lasting peace within your home.


Fourth Sunday of Advent – December 19

Read: Luke 1:26-45, 46-55

Imagine being visited by an Angel of God. Then imagine that Angel telling you that you would give birth to the Savior of the World. Oh, and you also have to name the little baby Jesus. This is exactly what happened to Mary, the eventual mother of Jesus.

Mary certainly had some questions for this Angel of God, and the angel Gabriel had some answers for her. One of Gabriel’s answers was this: “For nothing will be impossible with God.”

This statement can provide peace and hope in some of the most unfortunate or difficult situations. Even when we are confused or hurting, nothing is impossible for God. Just as God had a plan for Mary to give birth to the Savior of the World, God has a plan for us in our lives.

Discussion Questions:

  • How do you think Mary felt after being visited by Angel of God?
  • Do you feel like God has a plan for you? If so, what is that plan?
  • How does knowing that nothing is impossible for God affect your perspective on life?

Monday – December 20

Read: Matthew 1:18-25

One of the most important people in the Christmas story is Mary; the mother of Jesus. Her life was an extraordinary example of sacrifice, humility, and obedience. After reading the story, talk with your children about how difficult it must have been for Mary to suddenly give up her life and body to God.

Discuss the joy that Mary expresses in this passage and talk about how you and your children can cultivate hearts full of love and obedience, just like Mary’s. With your children, write a prayer or a song that expresses their desire to be obedient to God. Take the time to be intentional with your words, helping your children convey their desire to learn from Mary’s example as a servant of God.

Discussion Questions:

  • What do you think were some of the difficulties in Mary’s situation?
  • Why is difficult to be obedient to God’s commands?
  • Are there any areas where you can be obedient to God’s plan?

Tuesday – December 21



Read: Luke 4:18-21; Matthew 2:1-9



There are so many meanings to the word “Christmas.” From “Twas the Night Before Christmas” to “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” culture certainly has specific thoughts on what Christmas means.



With your kids, discuss how different people define what Christmas means. To the wise men who would eventually come and visit Jesus, Christmas meant the fulfillment of a century-old prophecy about the eventual arrival of the Messiah.



As Christmas draws closer, consider gathering your family together to create a poster that demonstrates what you believe is the real meaning of Christmas. Encourage your kids to honestly consider what Christmas means to them.



Discussion Questions:



  • What does Christmas mean to you?
  • What do you think our culture says is the real meaning of Christmas?
  • How can you share the true meaning of Christmas with your friends and neighbors?



Wednesday – December 22



Read: Matthew 18:2-4; Luke 2:1-7



Imagine being born in a barn. Not only did Jesus leave Heaven to come down to earth, He ended up in a smelly barn with farm animals. The Savior of the World was born in a barn. Not exactly the beginning you’d imagine for someone who would be called the King of Kings.



Yet, this is exactly where God wanted Jesus to be born. When God sent Jesus to earth, He was fulfilling promises He had made all throughout the Bible. All the smaller moments pointing to Jesus finally added up to this moment. Through Jesus, God provides a pathway to a relationship with him. But it all begins in a quiet stable and manger.



Discussion Questions:



  • What do you think about Jesus being born in a barn among farm animals? Why do you think God planned it this way?
  • Why was there “no room in the inn” for Mary and Joseph, Jesus parents?
  • Is there anything that doesn’t make sense about this part of the Christmas story?



Thursday – December 23



Read: Luke 2:8-14



As we’ve seen throughout Advent, God always has a plan. Even when it doesn’t seem like He does.



Near where Mary gave birth, local shepherds witnessed an amazing performance of angels rejoicing and celebrating Jesus’ arrival. Even though they were likely shocked and afraid, these shepherds immediately dropped everything and ran to go see Jesus.



It’s clear to see how God cares for everyone. Not only does God keep His promise to Mary and Joseph and the prophets, but He welcomes in lowly shepherds to celebrate Jesus’ birth. If God cares this much about a group of shepherds, how much does He also care about us?



Discussion Questions:



  • What do you think the shepherds thought when they saw the angels in the sky?
  • Why do you think the shepherds immediately ran to go see Jesus?
  • How do you think you would have responded in this situation? How can you respond similarly in your own life?

Friday – December 24Christmas Eve



Read: Psalm 33:20; Luke 2:15-21



All of the prophecies and stories about the Messiah throughout the Bible point to Jesus’ eventual birth. Even though Advent ends at midnight on Christmas Eve, the promises and hope of the Christmas story are far from over.



In response to the angels, the shepherds say, “Let us go and see this thing that has happened.” And then, the shepherds joy only continues to grow once they see Jesus. The question for us on Christmas Eve is how we will continue to rejoice in the peace that God provides through the gift of Jesus. Even after the Christmas season is over.



Discussion Questions:



  • Who can you pray for on this Christmas Eve?
  • Is there anyone that you could invite to church for Christmas this year?
  • What is one thing that you’ve learned about God during this Advent season?

Saturday – December 25, Christmas



Read: Luke 2:1-21



Christmas Day today looks quite a bit different than the first one that Mary and Joseph experienced many centuries ago. However, the message of good news and great joy has hardly changed.



Before you begin opening presents and celebrating with your family and friends, take a moment to pray and thank God for this good news and great joy. Consider pausing to reflect on how God has blessed you and your family. Then, help your kids make the connection between the presents they receive and the gift of Christ to this world. Let this Christmas Day be a celebration of the true gift that God has given to the whole world.


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