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Train Your Kids and Teens to Manage Technology Wisely

Our long-term goal as parents is to raise children who will practice self-control and manage technology well on their own.

When my daughter Lucy was only 4, she was mesmerized with my new phone. As her chubby little fingers tapped the screen with all the brightly colored apps.

I quickly realized I couldn’t mindlessly let her play with my phone just because it was sometimes convenient.

“This is a no touch when Mommy isn’t with you,” I told her. “It is Mommy’s phone.”

Kids love to use technology. We don’t have to bribe them to use a tablet or beg them to play video games. We have to do the opposite and constantly manage our kids’ runaway screen time. But eventually, we won’t be there to apply the brakes.

Our long-term goal as parents is to raise children and teens who will practice self-control and manage technology well on their own. Here are three ways to help your children develop these skills.